Friday, October 18, 2013

Homecoming Edition.

So I know it's been a "few" years since I needed a Homecoming dress but its still always fun to see what the newest trends are each Fall.  So I thought I would lend a little help to any of you ladies needing some inspiration.  Here are a few of my picks which could also just be for a fun night out if you are a few years past going to Homecoming dances too!

(Nordstorms) Little black dresses are easy to find and look good on just about anyone!

(Nordstorms). I have a special place in my heart for red dresses- especially since my favorite homecoming dress
I wore was a little red number from Macy's.

(Revolve Clothing and Shop Bop)  My personal fav...hello velvet- it's been a little while!

(Windsor.) Navy sequins are so classic and the shoe and accessory possibilities are endless!

(Etsy.) If all else fails and you want to do something original and a little brave, go find a vintage tulle party dress and throw a leather 
jacket over the top of it.

It doesn't really matter what you wear, as long as you feel good, confidence will make any ensemble look fantastic!
What was your favorite dress you wore to a school dance?


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