Wednesday, February 5, 2014

(Charlie) in Charge.







Vest: Old (similar); Sweatshirt: Old Navy; Pants: Jolt (unavailable); Scarf: Old; Hat: Target; Kicks: Target


Someone recently asked if I ever just wore yoga pants instead of my dressier duds.  My reply was an exuberant YES!!! In fact most days, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I can be spotted in leggings and a sweater or sweatshirt of some sort to accommodate teaching my weekly dance classes and well lets face it…my desire to just be comfortable climbing in and out of the car and buckling up a bazillion seat belts ALL+DAY+LONG! :)  Anytime I come across a way to play up this particular look I am all over it.  The leggings were a great find.  They are actually a little bit dressier than your average legging- the print isn’t actually dots…hard to describe.  But the top of the pants have an actual waist band and some cute side pockets so a tucked in shirt would work with them too. 

On this day I was meeting up with my bff for a lunch date with our munchkins.  The hair as usual was about a day passed needing to be washed so out came a hat.  I kept adding layers with the denim vest and the scarf and ended up with this creation which I really ended up loving.  Perfect for keeping up after my posse but kicked up the mom-in-sweats a notch!!  

I decided later that day that the outfit was definitely blog worthy.  So while shooting a few photos out front, our cat, Charlie, decided he wanted to be on the blog too.  Hands down he was my favorite accessory! 

What are your favorite layering items?


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