Thursday, February 26, 2015

Favorite Things!

Happy Thursday Friends!!  Here are some of my must have hair and beauty favorites as of late.

Last year me and my bff made a New Years resolution to take care of ourselves inside and out.  It might sound a little cheesy, but when you feel your best and not like a washed out Mommy, it goes a long way in feeling your best on the inside.  At least for me that is!!  What are some of your favorites?


P.S.  The texturizing spray by Unite...worth every penny.  
Thursday, February 19, 2015


Remember that one day when I said I had something exciting to share that I was working on and that I'd reveal soon?  Well....I jumped the gun a bit.  Still have exciting things to share, but the sharing part is going to be a ways up the road.  You live you learn- eh?  I didn't, however, want to wait to share this photo shoot I did a few weeks back with my super talented friend Bridget of Lundyn Bridge Events and Photography.  We had the best time and literally PERFECT weather on this day.  I bought this fuschia leather jacket from Saavy Trends at Nordstroms at the end of last summer with the anticipation of Fall.  It was such a fun, unique piece and I love the zipper detailing.  I had actually been on the hunt that day for the statement necklace that I am wearing in these pictures and so when I saw the jacket and tried it on, I knew that they'd look great together....and I was surprise there! ;)  

Please check out Bridget's page, not only is she a gifted photographer, but she puts together the most beautiful weddings and parties.  Love you B!

I love the way a leather jacket can be dressed up or down and have had a lot of fun pairing it with different pieces in my closet!

 Leopard accents are always a good idea!  Shirt/Jeans/Shoes/Clutch

I realize for some, a netted hat on a headband seems a bit much, but I seriously couldn't me!
Thursday, February 12, 2015


Question!  Did you know that there is a color annually selected as color of the year?  I always seem to gravitate towards certain colors more than others from year to year, and am usually right on point with the color trends that come out each season.  (Totally should've aspired to be a psychic...obviously!) So it came as little surprise when I read that Merlot/Wine/Burgundy/Maroon (etc., etc., etc.) was chosen as the official color for 2015.  Super ironic because for the last 10 months I've been completely drawn to items in that color: jeans, lipstick, hats, scarfs....and so on.  So, on a recent walk through Charming Charlie's I walked straight over to this top which was not only my current favorite color, but it had a contrasting leopard print bow cascading down the back.  Leopard + Bow = yes and yes!!  
While I try to veer away from too much of one color when I'm putting an outfit together, I couldn't help stacking all my favorite pieces together.  I always forget about these booties that I snagged from Forever 21 last year.  They are really comfortable and are a dark enough shade that they work as a neutral.  And I gotta rave about the lipstick.  I am a makeup/product junkie.  I will try just about anything out there and at all price points.  I have probably bought 8 different lipsticks in recent months trying to find the perfect rich burgundy matte shade.  NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen so far has beat out all the prestige brands by leaps and bounds.  Its really pigmented and goes on amazing!  
So, while I wouldn't recommend literally covering your entire body in one color, I think a little bit of overkill worked out ok on this one!
I had fun little outing taking these photos with a local photographer friend of mine.  Check out her website:, she takes the cutest newborn photos ever!   Hope you are all having a great week.


 Top: Charming Charlie (in stores); Jeans: Express (old); Clutch: Charming Charlie (in stores); Coat: Forever 21; Booties: Forever 21 (old); Watch: Michael Kors; Stacked bracelet: Aldo; Lipstick: NYX/Copenhagen

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sick Day...

It happens to the best of us, itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose and coughing up your lungs. Yes my dears, the cold season is upon us and it has found its way to me and mine with a vengeance.  Though I was unable to spend the entire day curled up and nursing myself back to health, here are some of my "sick day" essentials!!

Do you get to take sick days? (Automatic dislike if your answer is fair!!)