Sunday, October 4, 2015


When I turned 8 my mom gave me a gold bracelet that I added charms to for years.  Fast forward a "few" years later and I'm now adding charms to my purse!! Whose jumped on the purse charm wagon? Don't judge, they are FUN! They were all over the place this year at Fashion Week and so I was totally excited when I received a purple suede fringe one by Purple Purse Foundation in my Fall Fab Fit Fun box last week. The Purple Purse foundation supports victims of domestic and financial abuse.  You can check out their mission here.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mom Date

Hey, hey!!  I met up yesterday afternoon for a last minute Starbucks/Target run with one of my best girls. I had yet to brush my hair (no surprise there) much less get dressed but you don't have to ask me twice when those two places are involved!!  I threw on my go to Gap acid washed skinnies, a Tshirt and a plaid and I was ready to go.  No fuss no frump!

Starbucks + Target + Gal Pal = Legit Mom Date.  
This tshirt is actually a mustard tone!

These studded booties from Target a few years back are my fav!

Steve Madden owns the fringe thing!

Have a great Tuesday!!
Sunday, September 20, 2015

Easy Breezy

Hey there!  It was such a crazy week and of course I'm on the decline with my first cold of the season!! Boo!;(  Sunday's are usually pretty low key at our house but we do attend church every week.  I scored a great affordable pair of booties last week at JCPenneys.  I hadn't ever paid JCP much attention before they teamed up with Sephora.  I have gotten some really great basics from there that I literally wear all the time and these grey booties were a great find.  The Forever 21 pencil skirt I have in 3 different colors. I love how versatile it is whether dressed up or down and it's a perfect basic for all seasons!  And I really can't say enough good things about my little Target orange leather backpack, I'm sure you've noticed it on my Instagram feed non-stop!  I'm tempted to get another one in a different color (lots of color options online).  I wasn't really feeling super inspired outfit wise this morning because of how crummy I'm feeling but a chambray shirt and a statement necklace  made the whole look come together and polished. Easy!!

I hope you all have a great week!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Plaid to meet ya!

Well, I've officially had to accept that it is Fall today.  Boo!!! (sorry for all you leave changing their amazing colors lovers but I'm a true summer girl!!). Lucky for me my ridiculous obsession with red buffalo plaid caught up with me while I was "school shopping" at my local TJMaxx.  Purchases since then have also included plaid jeggings and a plaid blanket scarf from the ever trusty Target, of course.

Anyone else out there sad to see summer go?  C'mon don't leave a girl hangin!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Read My Lips-tick!

    Well, well,'s been way too long.  Honestly, Instagram has made it way too easy to just snap a quick photo and post so I have not logged in here in ages.  I hope you all have had a great Summer, I for one am so bummed that it is over.  Its fairly warm here still so I haven't put away my warm weather wardrobe for the year quite yet.  Have any of you heard of Lula Roe?  They make the softest leggings EVER and have the funkiest prints like these lipstick ones (they also come in blue).  And as usual, one of my favorite places to buy inexpensive but trendy pieces is Target.  The striped handkerchief top and mini faux leather backpack were both purchased there AS WELL AS THE BOOTS.  Target teamed up with Steve Madden's daughter, Stevie to put out a Girls' shoe line for back to school.  Yep....those boots I'm sporting are in fact my 10 year old daughter's and they totally fit me!!  She steals my Chucks all the time so it's only fair.  And, how cute are they?  Way to go Target, you continue to impress.  How do you transition from Summer to Fall?


 Top (Target), Leggings (LulaRoe), Boots (Target), Shades (Marshalls), Backpack (Target), Watch (Michael Kors), Lipstick (NYX)

I'm obsessed with the mini backpack!
Thursday, March 26, 2015

Friend Fav's!

I was sitting at dinner with my best girlfriends last weekend and one of my most favorite people in the whole world told me that she wanted to add her two cents to my favorite products post I did a few weeks ago!  So, the light bulb twisted on and I thought- well why not??!!  Once a month I am going to do a special edition of  beauty, fashion and fitness favorites from one of my favorite people.  Each month I'll introduce you to someone new who is not only important to me, but who loves sharing all their go to stuff!! I am always down for trying something new, and who better to get tips from than your best buddies!

So, because the idea sprang from my darling Nadia, I only thought it fair that I featured her list of go-to's first!  A little about her: she is my BFF's little sister- which means she automatically belongs to me too. (Wouldn't have it any other way!)  She is one of the only human beings who completely understands the total goof-ball side of me, it never fails that when she and I are together that there will be lots of laughing involved.  Nadia is also one of the hardest workers I know,  last year she was awarded the Outstanding Clinical Support of Nursing award at the hospital she works for because of her amazing work ethic and efforts.  Truly she is such a beauty on the outside, but this Girl has one of the biggest hearts and is never afraid to love on the people around her!!  My life is so very blessed because she is in it!

Here is Nadia's list (and commentary- lol) of her must haves!

1.  Nivea Creme.  Obsessed!  Everyone in my fam knows I cannot live without it!!  I pack it on my face day and night.  There are 3 things in life I cannot live without: Tetley Tea, Wine and Nivea!

2.  Apricot Exfoliating Scrub.  I have such sensitive skin, I stick to hypoallergenics!  This is the perfect scrub in the shower.  I also use it after I shave, my legs have never felt so soft- I LOVE it!!

3.  Zella "Live-In" Legging.  Okay, EVERYONE must own a pair!  They make you look skinny- they are high-waisted so they hide those mama bellies.  They are also super thick and so comfortable.  I always stock up on them when they are $38 at the Nordstorms Anniversary Sale!

4.  Unite Leave-In Conditioner.  Or as my 2 year old daughter calls it- "No Owie hair spray!" Haha!!  You spray this in your hair after your shower and it makes your hair so smooth.  It is the best thing ever and I use it in my daughter's hair too.  It also seriously smells so, SO, SO GOOD and won't break the bank!
5.  Hanky Panky underwear.  Yes, a bit expensive but so worth it.  They're sexy, comfortable and you can get them half off if you shop at The Rack!

~And last but not least, every woman needs a killer leather jacket and good boots!!  

(Here are a few of my picks for Nadia!)

I'm a big fan of Top Shop OTK boots, totally worth the investment and will last you for years.  And this leather jacket is similar to one that me, Nadia's sister and the majority of our circle of friends covet from Nod's closet!!! (Except hers is amazing...need it!)

This pic a little blurry but it's one of my very favorites! I love you Nod!!

What are your favorites right now?? Let me know and just maybe I will be listing yours next month!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In case you are wondering, the title is not a typo.  Spring has SPRUNG here in my little part of the world. 70 degree days in March for the PNW is unheard of and this girl is not complaining!!  Baseball tees are a fav of mine.  They are easy to wear and you can dress them up with a fun statement necklace or scarf or keep it simple with jeans and chucks.  (In my case however, the more accessories the better!)  American Eagle always has great options in the t-shirt department. So, when I found this shimmer sleeve variation last summer I knew I was going to love it so much that I of course grabbed it in both colors.  I love this teal option they have online right now.  The scarf is a new addition.  I found it while "looking for sheets" at my local Ross Dress For Less for $5....and I have worn it every day!!  And nothing screams spring to me more than white converse tennis shoes, especially here where the 9 months of rainy days turn white sneaks more towards the brown variety.  

This sunshine is addictive, it makes it so hard to wake up to the inevitable rainy gloom!  What are you excited to wear this Spring?


 How cute is this print!!!  (Watch: Michael Kors (similar), Fedora: The Loft/similar)

Photography by: EMJ Photography

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Favorite Things!

Happy Thursday Friends!!  Here are some of my must have hair and beauty favorites as of late.

Last year me and my bff made a New Years resolution to take care of ourselves inside and out.  It might sound a little cheesy, but when you feel your best and not like a washed out Mommy, it goes a long way in feeling your best on the inside.  At least for me that is!!  What are some of your favorites?


P.S.  The texturizing spray by Unite...worth every penny.  
Thursday, February 19, 2015


Remember that one day when I said I had something exciting to share that I was working on and that I'd reveal soon?  Well....I jumped the gun a bit.  Still have exciting things to share, but the sharing part is going to be a ways up the road.  You live you learn- eh?  I didn't, however, want to wait to share this photo shoot I did a few weeks back with my super talented friend Bridget of Lundyn Bridge Events and Photography.  We had the best time and literally PERFECT weather on this day.  I bought this fuschia leather jacket from Saavy Trends at Nordstroms at the end of last summer with the anticipation of Fall.  It was such a fun, unique piece and I love the zipper detailing.  I had actually been on the hunt that day for the statement necklace that I am wearing in these pictures and so when I saw the jacket and tried it on, I knew that they'd look great together....and I was surprise there! ;)  

Please check out Bridget's page, not only is she a gifted photographer, but she puts together the most beautiful weddings and parties.  Love you B!

I love the way a leather jacket can be dressed up or down and have had a lot of fun pairing it with different pieces in my closet!

 Leopard accents are always a good idea!  Shirt/Jeans/Shoes/Clutch

I realize for some, a netted hat on a headband seems a bit much, but I seriously couldn't me!