Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Do.

Most little girls dream about the day when they get to wear a princess dress and walk down the aisle to their handsome prince and into happily ever after!  I my lovely friends was one of those little girls, and though I have been married almost 10 years, even now I still peruse the latest and greatest in bridal fashion and anything that has to do with weddings.  Today a very special friend of mine is starting a new chapter in her life and so I I thought what better way to honor her big day then to dedicate today’s post to her and all of you bride to be’s!! 

Pinterest is my favorite spot to get inspiration for anything from fashion to new recipes.  Here is what I have been pinning lately on my Wedding Board:

In my humble opinion, it’s all about the dress. 


beading 1 beading 2 beading 3 beading 4



lace1 lace2 lace3 lace4 lace5 lace6 lace7



short1 short2 short3 short4



prncss1 prncss2 prncss3 prncss4 prncss5



beach1 beach2


Don’t forget your shoes…:

shoes1 shoes2



cake1 cake2 cake3

All of these pictures can be found on my Pinterest board under “Weddings.”  No matter what you do, be YOU  on your big day and it will be perfect and all you dreamed of!  To my beautiful friend Sara, I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see all of the pictures!!!  I know you are going to be wearing the dress of your dreams- but I have truly never seen you more beautiful then just by the light in your eyes and smile on your face that comes from the joy and happiness your hubby-to-be has brought you!  All my love and best wishes on this wonderful day. LOVE YOU!!!

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