Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Sweater: BP (spring clearance find); Tank: Abound; Liquid Leggings: Forever 21; Scarf: Infinity; Bag: Philip Lim/Target; Booties: Madden Girl (old) Bracelet: BP (old); Headband: Goody


Ever have those days where you just start throwing on random cute things sitting in your closet (or maybe your closet floor…) only to find that mayyyyyyyybe they don’t really quite work when put together?  Well folks, I think in this case I lucked out from beginning to end!  I literally have had these Madden Girl booties forever and they still go with just about anything and any outfit.  And a funny little story about these liquid leggings- I bought them back when they first became on trend to wear with a Halloween costume only to have made them a true wardrobe staple instead a few years before they were super popular.  Seriously, how cute are those zippers?  And because you should never walk out the door without adding at least one more accessory or three, out came my new arrow print scarf and the gold bar headband that I’ve been sporting frequently over the last few months.  They always say “less is more,” but I think in this case more totally wins! 

Because I am infamous for jumping around a little from one subject to the next I thought I would share a little bit of that with those of you who don’t know me personally:  who watched the season premier of Beauty & The Beast last night?  This is all I got to say “UM HI!!!!!!” ;)

Ok, that’s what I got for ya today, have a wonderful Tuesday!




P.S.  My little 5 year old said “Mommy say BOO-YAH” when we shot this one! Hahaha!!!


  1. I love your new haircut! So gorgeous on you. And this whole look from head to toe is so CUTE! Such a pretty pretty lady. xoxo

    Merch Maven