Friday, August 23, 2013

Swan. Uninspired.



 swan 5





Sweatshirt: Target (old), Bermuda Shorts: AEO-on sale!, Sandals: old, Purse: Steve Madden


It has been one long week!! Between it being the last week teaching my summer dance classes, our anniversary, blogging, having a stupid summer cold and getting my munchkins to all their activities- I guess it should come as no surprise that I’m wiped!  Yesterday my husband realized his phone was missing and that he had left it at the restaurant the night before.  So after a long crazy day, he trekked our girlies off for some late night bowling and I had the exciting task to go and retrieve the forgotten cell phone.  So rather than going straight there and then straight home to bed (which is what I SHOULD have done), I decided to “multi-task” and phoned my best friend to meet me for a late movie.  Love movie nights with her because even the most stupid comedy always ends up being way funnier if we are together.  And actually…even movies that are not funny at all, we laugh at the most inappropriate serious moments- and not very quietly.  So the later the movie time is the better since we most likely will be completely disruptive! (The movie Love Happens comes to mind, remember that Yas? We are mean people!) 

Ok so anyways, since the evenings have been staying warm I threw on this light weight sweatshirt that I fell in love with at Target around Christmas time last year.  I love swans and this cute stud-print caught my eye immediately.  I have found a way to make it go with everything from Uggs to fitted maxi skirts. This time I paired it with my new fitted bermuda shorts that I snagged from American Eagle a few weeks ago which are now on sale! Go get them before they are gone, they are amazing. 

We shot these photos with our Iphones after the movie hoping to not get kicked out by mall security.  I wish the lighting and my inspiration had been a little bit more on the ball because this random wall that said B O W L with a giant deer head over it was really fun and random. 

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my new blog this week, have a great weekend!





  1. You could make a trash bag look fabulous!! Beautiful mama - great blog!