Monday, August 26, 2013

So long, farewell.

Dear Summer, you are officially making the countdown to Fall and I can't help but feel a bit sad as I do every year at this time.  I'm never quite ready to let go of the long warm days, trips to the river, having my girlies home and late nights visiting with friends and family.  Sigh.

When I saw this leopard print fringed shawl/scarf at Target a few months ago the fashion light bulb went off with all of the possibilities. With the craziness that encompasses most of my days between teaching dance, running errands and my kiddos, leggings, a long tee, sandals and this fun fringed cover-up has been a go to get-up this summer.  These sunglasses are a little outside my comfort zone as far as shades go but the cat eye shape was just right and I liked branching out to the bright white of the frames. (They were also priced at $5 on clearance at Kohls which made the purchase all the more justifiable!)

I miss you already Summer.


  1. Sad is an understatement....I need to move to somewhere where it's sunny over 3/4's of the year!