Thursday, January 30, 2014

To the rescue!!

Yesterday as I was productively perusing down my Facebook news feed, one of the most truly beautiful girls I know mentioned in a post that a large portion of her wardrobe consists of items bought from Costco!!  Now, I am not one to judge or discriminate- especially since probably a fourth of my closet comes from Target and Old Navy!  Haha!!  So while I have not looked too closely at Costco’s selection in the fashion department (because lets be honest, you know you all go their to eat the samples), I thought that I would help a pretty Mama of 4 out and giving her some helpful ideas for her busy lifestyle. 

Have you all heard of  They made finding a whole bunch of options in one place and at all different price points super easy!! 


Just because you are cleaning up spills and doing after school pick-up, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little spice in your life.  I love mixing prints and pairing them with a couple of great basics.  Leopard and Polka Dots are the new basics in case you were wondering! ;)  As you will see, I couldn’t decide on the shoe options!!


A cardigan, white dress shirt and some colored skinnies are a comfortable way to look polished.  I don’t wear dress shirts very often so I might pair a long tunic underneath instead but adding a plaid scarf and riding boots will make you look polished.  I love this look because its chic and functionable!  I think the sweater I found is so cute with its peplum detail!!


This look could be changed up in so many ways and is dressy enough for church!  Again, adding some mixed up prints gives a little bit of edge along with a fun necklace.  You could even switch out the heels and tights for boots to go to lunch with your girlfriends.



In my humble little opinion, these are pieces that should be in any busy lady’s wardrobe.  Riding boots, black skinny pants and a great white tunic-tee.  No matter how many trends come and go, these will always be on trend!! 


And for the days when its just a t-shirt, jeans and kicks kind of day, a baseball tee and a beanie are a great alternative to those old sweats! ;)  Beanies are also sneaky way to conceal unwashed hair, because lets face it…who really has time for a blow out every day!? NOT me!!!

To my darling friend (who I shall refrain from naming unless she chooses to comment), there is life outside of Costco!  I am here to lead the way Doll.



  1. What a fabulous post! I found your site from your dear friend's fb page. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Awe! Thanks so much Pamela. I've known that pretty lady for a very long time. Thanks for reading!!