Friday, January 10, 2014

Keeping it reeeal... (Don’t Judge!!)



Sweatshirt (old); Tank: Abound/The Rack; Leggings: Gap Gfast Leggings; Shoes: Ugg Bailey; Bag: Olivia Joy (similar); Hat: Target (no longer available)

We had about 5 minutes to shoot these pictures before we had to jump into the car to go to dance so I didn’t have a whole lot of variety to share.  But I decided to let you all in on a secret, my daily reality involves the following: school buses, teaching dance, dishes, laundry, diapers, baths, play dates, errands, meal prep, DRIVING (I almost live in my car a few days a week- literally), homework, more dishes, more laundry, you get the idea!  So my uniform of choice is as you see above and involves some variation of leggings, my broken in trusty Uggs, a cute sweatshirt and a hat so I don’t have to brush my hair if I don’t want to (or as is mostly the case- because I’m running late)!! While comfort plays a key role here, I try to incorporate at least one piece that stands out a bit. The swan sweatshirt is on regular rotation for just that purpose and adding a cute bag reminds me that I’m still just a girl who likes cute things!

Moral of today’s story: if you really do love me and my closet you gotta love the sweats too! For reals.

Have a great weekend, I’m off to celebrate with my nearest and dearest!  What are your plans?



P.S.  Since nobody else but me has any say in what I write about I wanted to give a shout out to some special ladies.  I am so very lucky to be blessed with all of the amazing friends that I have.  Four of the best ladies I know all have birthdays this week and in my book that is a big deal;).  There was no coincidence in why or when they came into my life and though I don’t get to see, talk to or hang out with them as much as I wish we could…I hope they know that no matter where life leads that they are important and will always be L.O.V.E.D by little ol’ me. You have each had your own part in shaping my life and so many amazing memories that I get to have forever.  Since I have too many of those to count (truly) I thought I would try to sum up to each of you one of my favorites as briefly as I can.  Here goes…. Yas: “Love Happens” – Jess: Messages in bottles – M: Two little girls on a card – De: Lincoln City.  I hope you each have the best year yet!! ~I love you~


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