Monday, September 9, 2013

Double life.





3 Sweater: Old; Bermuda Shorts: AEO; Bag: Steve Madden; Boots: Target   


It is difficult some days to not feel like a bit of a washed-out Mama!  Most days you will find me in workout clothes, little makeup and hair that is usually a day or two past needing to be washed (sorry, its true).  And then after a few days of that nonsense, the fog lifts and I pull it together realizing how much I love some of the neglected items I have in my closet.  While my shoes of choice would be my favorite pumps with my white jeans, reality for a Saturday filled with dance classes, cleaning and errands calls for something less likely to be thrashed from little hands.  Are you leading a double life too??

Have a great Monday!




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