Monday, November 11, 2013

Hot mess…

Dress: Old Navy; Jacket: Vera Wang; Boots: Target; Necklace: Similar; Belt: Forever 21


Hey everybody!!  So I have had a serious case of not wanting to do ANYTHING lately, have you noticed?? Sorry its been a little bit on posting.  I think we all get in those funks where we are unmotivated, and in my case- uninspired, I literally have been living in work out clothes for the last two weeks and so I thought I would spare you all. ;)  Luckily yesterday I had to get out of my slump though because church requires a little more effort than my yoga pants and a beanie!  This is one of my favorite dresses, with the exception of warmer summer temps, it is a great year round piece.  I got it last year off the clearance at Old Navy.  Yesterday I was a little chilly and decided it was time to bust out the faux leopard jacket which I also got at the end of last year and has since been sitting in my closet with the tags still on it.  I felt like a bit of a mess but got lots of compliments…which I’m sure were all genuine but I also have really sweet friends LOL!!

On a more positive note, I booked tickets last week to go to NYC!!! EEEK!!! I’ve never been there before.  A last minute opportunity came up and it took me a few days to secure a last minute traveling buddy… but my sweet sister caved and will be going with me for 4 days next month to see the Big Apple at its holiday best.  I already have a list of things I want to do while we are there but I am looking for suggestions.  What should I not miss out on?  Hopefully we can take some good style pics to post here but be sure to follow me on Instagram @Clichemoi to see our day to day shenanigans!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!


p.s. Don’t mind my slip hanging out the bottom of my dress! Sigh.


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