Monday, November 18, 2013

Just for Kicks!

Sweater: Target; Poncho: Old Navy (old, love this); Leggings: Forever 21 (old, I want these); Beanie: Target; Shoes: Target; Purse: Target


As of late you can find me layered and comfortable in my all too worn in Uggs and leggings.  I have been a little hesitant to try the wedge sneaker trend…I love the idea of them but always wonder if I am cool enough to sport them.  So, once again a productive outing to Target last week resulted in finding these fun burgundy suede ones on clearance! You all know how I am when it comes to Target clearance….its hard for me to walk away.  So, after some serious deliberation (i.e. texting my fellow buddy Candida from Merch Maven), they were purchased post haste.  The floral sweater was from another Tar-jay trip and has been on heavy rotation lately as an easy go to layer.  Chances are I’m going to find something worth taking home from that store, they’ve had such great stuff lately!

I am on the hunt for a few things for my up coming trip back east next month.  Since we won’t have much time to make outfit changes I’m thinking fleece lined leggings (I really want to find a faux leather version), that can be layered with dresses like this one, and sweaters and boots.  My beautiful bestie and her family are going to New York the week before me and we were able to meet up last week with our munchkins and to hunt for leather gloves.  I love shopping with her and don’t get to see her much anymore so it was fun to look for things for our trips together. 

What are you all planning to wear as the weather starts to turn colder?  Have you braved the wedge kicks trend?? ;p  I hope you all have a great start to your week, thanks so much for stopping by.  Follow me on Instagram @Clichemoi and Bloglovin.



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