Thursday, October 8, 2015

My real name should be Jane!

A few weeks ago I started teaching preschool two mornings a week at the dance studio I teach at.  Yep, I now add that to list of full time babysitter (been doing that for years), dance instructor, fashion blogger extraordinaire (duh) and of course- full time mama and all that that entails.  So, just go ahead and call me Miss Jane of all Trades because I have a few more projects on the horizon!!!;). Luckily, preschool started a few weeks after my kids' started the school year so we had some time to get ourselves settled.  

This was my first day of school outfit, and it was well deserved!  

JCPenneys has been showing the love from my Instagram posts of these boots!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic week. I. am. Wiped!!



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