Monday, March 3, 2014


Jacket: Arizona; Top: Similar; Leggings: Target (in stores only); Boots: Top Shop; Necklace: Old


Hello there!  Sorry for my MIA status as of late, kiddo schedules, teaching and just the every day juggle of errands and responsibilities tends to take over and so I have been living in leggings and sweatshirts…lazy!!

On this WINDY day however, I decided to make a last ditch effort in making myself presentable and took my girlies to their school book fair.  I have been on a major hunt for the perfect denim jacket.  The problem is that I have a specific one in mind and it is all but non-existent unless I resort to becoming a thief and swiping it out of my bff’s closet.  Unfortunately for me that is not an option since she loves that jacket too!! (I can’t even find a picture online so if any of you come across a destroyed denim jacket, that is just the”right” color and the “perfect” amount of distressing, send it my way please!)  So because of my predicament, not one of the bazillion denim jackets out there right now has come up to snuff.  Wrong color, too boxy, weird hardware, you get my drift.  While scoping out the kids section at none other than JCPenny’s (great little girls clothes surprisingly!!), I came across a whole rack of Arizona cropped denim jackets that were clearanced out to 11.99.  Since I am short waisted the cropped length worked well and I layered it over a tunic and some Aztec print leggings.  The tunic has such a fun cut out lace detail on the sides that I love so much and is a good alternative to the more spendy Free People tunic which I also loved this season. 

Do you have a favorite denim jacket? 

Have a great day!!


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